Conference Homo Ludens 2.0, November 17-18

Academy Building of Utrecht University

This conference is an invitation only work conference organised to conclude the research programme Playful Identities: From Narrative to Ludic Self-construction, funded by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). The central focus of the conference is the interplay between play, media and identity. Each speaker will address at least two of these concepts. The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to investigate if and how digital information and communication technologies are transforming the (construction of) personal and cultural identity. It examines how digital media technologies shape and are being shaped by the participation of the user, and what the implications of this mutual shaping process are for the reflexive construction of personal and cultural identities. Play and games are not only considered as appropriate metaphors for human identity, but they are also conceived of as means by which people reflexively construct their identity.

Prof.dr. Valerie Frissen, Prof.dr. Jos de Mul, Prof.dr. Joost Raessens, Dr. Sybille Lammes, Drs. Michiel de Lange and Drs. Jeroen Timmermans

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